What is Sclerology

Benefits of sclerology

  • can confirm diagnosis by other modalities
  • it shows results of different treatments, therapies, dietary changes
  • displays negative effect of diet abuse, drugs (pharmaceutical/street) on the body
  • indicates the developing problems (acute, chronic, congestion) well before the actual symptoms will present
  • shows the markings only if there is a problem or developing pathology
  • non intrusive way of diagnosing and it is interesting to watch how the sclera is being analysed
  • there is also benefit of having a chat and have your questions answered during the appointment, as the sclerologist will take into consideration the whole person and will look at all aspects of well-being, including the diet and lifestyle

What can be seen in the sclera

  • stress and congestion in all areas of the body
  • where is the origin of pathology
  • the spread of the disease throughout different organs
  • which organs are involved
  • physical trauma, injury, metabolic disease
  • infections by different parasites
  • emotional sensitivity
  • cardiovascular, liver and other organ disorders
  • lymphatic-immune system response and its compromise
  • drug induced disorders
  • shows pathology

What cannot be seen in the sclera

  • pregnancy
  • gender of the person which eyes are being analysed
  • personality characteristics
  • named diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis etc.

I first came across sclerology about 5 years ago when I was trying to solve some of my ongoing health issues. I was not getting anywhere with orthodox medicine and my countless visits to my doctor brought no answers for me. Friend recommended me to see sclerologist Vicki Murray from Sunshine Coast after she had wonderful experience visiting her and since seeing Vicki I didn’t turn back. I was amazed how accurate she was without knowing anything about my state of health. Having 12 years background in Natural Medicine I have made a decision to study and explore sclerology myself along my other passion, nutrition. I have learned and continue learning under Vicki’s guidance who is certified Sclerologist and Sclerology teacher.

Vicki’s teacher and mentor is Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer, who has been dedicated to research of Sclerology and other Eyology sciences, collecting and analyzing many sclera images and other information and data from people from different geographical locations and with different lifestyle and dietary habits. If you wish to know more on Dr. Leonard’s work and activities visit www.grandmedicine.com

What happens during the visit to the sclerologist? If you have been to see naturopath you will have an idea how it all goes. You will be ask to fill up health intake form, which would have question regarding to your health history, lifestyle and dietary habits, family history, current problems and symptoms, personal details, your height and weight. The sclerologist will not refer to this form until later, when he/she will be analyzing your images.

After this you will be seated behind the table with your elbows on the table so you can prop up your chin and cover your right eye with the fingers. Now you are ready to have picture of your left eye taken. I usually take 5 images of each eye. First the image of your iris is taken, after that the 4 pictures of sclera, which is divided into four quadrants, medial, lateral, lower and upper. This procedure is painless, slight irritation may happen while focusing your eyes during the picture taking. After this the taken images are put onto the computer screen ready to be analysed. At the end of the session if you wish you will be given+ your eye images on the disk, together with appropriate information, diet suggestion and supplement recommendations.

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  1. Linda Latin | July 19, 2013 at 2:29 am #

    Could sclerology detect areas of the brain that might still be damaged or lack circulation due to a head injury from a concussion?

  2. Umit Gurel - Makrobiotik Shiatsu | January 15, 2014 at 12:10 pm #

    I live in Istanbul, Turkey, and intend to learn sclerology by learning from information on DVD’s. Which school or study-course program would you recommend to become a fully qualified sclerologist?

  3. Helen | March 7, 2014 at 1:29 am #

    Would an appointment be possible to have my eyes’ sclera analysis done by a trained sclerologist in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia locations? I have a couple of minor health problems I cannot find answers for currently. I know that sclerology can spot or explain a lot of hidden and/or not hidden health issues rather clearly, even very much in advance. Thank you.

  4. Moragh Lippert | September 27, 2015 at 5:14 pm #

    I want a really good camera for Iridology and Sclerology that has software for a Mac. What do you recommend?



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