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quinoa mix colors

QUINOA mother of all grains (Chenopodium quinoa)

Quinoa, the superstar “grain”, that’s not really a grain, but in fact a seed; jam packed with essential nutrients and in recent years rediscovered for its rare qualities and health benefits. Incas call it “CHISAYA MAMA”, or “MOTHER GRAIN”, as it has been a staple part of their diet for thousands of years and I am very grateful, that they share this wholesome food with us.

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Lucuma powder

Lucuma (Pouteria lucuma) Humble Superfood from Peru

Lucuma, one of the Peruvian super foods is not as well know as rock-star of super foods Maca, but it is very deserving of our attention as it is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Lacuma makes versatile and yummy gourmet ingredient for baked goods, raw desserts, ice creams and smoothies. It is an excellent and much healthier substitute for sugar or other sweetener substitutes.

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Superfoods List and Fundamentals

What are super foods, why are they called super foods and what do they do for us? In the last few years more and more people are realizing that in order to stay healthy and energized they need to become responsible and take charge for their own health and well being. People from all walks of life are opening to natural healing, healthy alternatives, organic and live foods, herbs and of course are becoming more and more curious about the superfoods movement and its benefit.

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Two Vitamin Groups

Different types of vitamins. They refer to such a list as Materia Medica but, really because unless all substances and therapeutic properties are listed, to me it is more of a complete Vitamin table only. Here is one page with a brief information about every single vitamin there exists for health reference. The page is then split into two more broader lists of vitamins for each vitamin category group.

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Water-Soluble Vitamins Complete list

Water soluble vitamins list with RDI – recommended daily intake (or allowance), UL – upper level intake, AI – adequate intake. What diseases can their Deficiency Symptoms cause. Toxicity symptoms and Processing Losses for these vitamins. Here this complete list of water soluble vitamins includes supplements or from food sources.

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