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Two Vitamin Groups

Different types of vitamins. They refer to such a list as Materia Medica but, really because unless all substances and therapeutic properties are listed, to me it is more of a complete Vitamin table only. Here is one page with a brief information about every single vitamin there exists for health reference. The page is then split into two more broader lists of vitamins for each vitamin category group.

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Water-Soluble Vitamins Complete list

Water soluble vitamins list with RDI – recommended daily intake (or allowance), UL – upper level intake, AI – adequate intake. What diseases can their Deficiency Symptoms cause. Toxicity symptoms and Processing Losses for these vitamins. Here this complete list of water soluble vitamins includes supplements or from food sources.

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The natural sweetener: Xylitol

Xylitol – sweetness without guilt

sweet tasting crystalline sugar alcohol naturally occurring in fibre of many fruits and vegetables as well as in the bark of the birch trees most commonly made out of corn husks and birch wood chips natural sweetener looks like fine caster sugar and tastes like it too it has about 40% less calories than sugar […]

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Acid alkaline pH test kit - EasyPh

Acid-Alkaline Balance

Importance of acid-alkaline balance in our body is not stressed and explained to us often enough. We can test our pH by using litmus paper or if you don’t have one handy strait away look into your sclera, what color it presents? In sclerology, before actual pictures are taken we look into the eyes and […]

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