Xylitol – sweetness without guilt

  • sweet tasting crystalline sugar alcohol
  • naturally occurring in fibre of many fruits and vegetables as well as in the bark of the birch trees
  • most commonly made out of corn husks and birch wood chips
  • natural sweetener
  • looks like fine caster sugar and tastes like it too
  • it has about 40% less calories than sugar

Consumption of sugar creates major part of calorie uptake in today’s society, yet offers nothing but empty calories – calories without any nutritional value.

The natural xylitol sweetener.

Why is Xylitol good for us

  • it has low Glycemic Index (GI) 7-13-means that is digested slowly, therefore it is beneficial in maintaining and stabilizing the glucose levels in blood
  • it can assist while loosing weight, thanks to fewer calories and low GI (Glycemic Index)
  • our body doesn’t need insulin to metabolize it
  • friendly on our teeth as it doesn’t feed the bacteria in our mouth unlike sugar consumption it doesn’t create acidity in our mouth so pH stays stable, bacteria in our mouth can’t metabolise xylitol and starves
  • using xylitol as sweetener has shown decrease in tooth decay, less visits to dentists!
  • slows down the process of demineralisation of tooth enamel as well as formation of plaque on teeth
  • useful in relieving dry mouth
  • it maintains bone density
  • suppresses helicobacter pylori
  • very helpful in treating obesity
  • it doesn’t feed fungi, therefore it is great for people who suffer candida infections

How to use Xylitol

  • use it as a sugar substitute in your coffee, tea or any hot or cold drink
  • can be used in baking and cooking just the way you would use sugar
  • can be sprinkled on top of the fruit

How often can we eat Xylitol

    can be used any time you would use sugar
    if using for prevention of tooth decay you need about 4g to 12g daily

When you can not use Xylitol

  • not suitable to use in bread making as it can’t be metabolized by yeast
  • can’t be used to make lollies, and lollipops as it doesn’t crystallises

Possible side effects

  • in some individuals larger amounts of xylitol may have laxative effect until their body gets used to it
  • it is advisable for first 4-6 weeks use xylitol in smaller amounts to prevent it
  • it is more gentle than any other sugar alcohol sweetener such as mylitol and sorbitol so if you have used these previously you should have no troubles with xylitol
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