To eat sugar or not to eat sugar

To eat sugar or not to eat sugar? The answer you give to this question will determine how healthy or how unhealthy you will feel, how energized or tired you will be, how fast or how slow you will be able to recover from disease back to health, how many health issues and chronic diseases you will develop throughout your life. So I say not to eat sugar and if more of us got rid of this poison from our diets we would have much healthier and happier society.

Sugar in it’s many forms is extremely bad for us. It is a major contributor to many of today’s most prevalent diseases, including:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • compromised immune system
  • tooth decay and gum disease
  • candida
  • cancer
  • degenerative diseases
  • irritability and anxiety

Sugar is without the doubt one of the major reasons of our declining public health.

Sugar has negative effect on the alkaline balance in our body fluids, it is ageing, fattening and addictive. This addiction is causing many of us to become seriously unwell, and I can’t stress enough how important is it to read labels on our food products and to understand the nutritional panels on the back to make a wise and healthy choice.

When I say sugar I have in mind fructose, the simple sugar that is found in table sugar as well as in fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, corn syrup, maple syrup, agave syrup etc. In a small amounts from fruit and veggies it doesn’t pose any difficulties four our body, but when there is fructose overload from our everyday diet, the body finds it difficult to process it. Especially our liver as it has to process fructose. Large amounts of fructose are being converted by liver into the fat, which is then released into our body in a form of triglyceride, causing all sorts of problems.

Below photo: sclera sign indicating sugar fermentation

Eye sclera indicates sugar fermentation

You will be maybe surprised to know that one of the causes of fatty liver is not really the dietary cholesterol we consume but carbohydrates and sugars. The small amounts of fructose coming from fruit and veggies can be handled by our body quite well, but when it comes to our everyday diet full of processed foods with added sugars in it, we have a problem. If we want to stay healthy we must avoid fructose, especially the one that comes from processed foods, syrups, juices and processed honey. For those of you who are interested to learn more technical information on fructose, how it works in our body and many other helpful information and tips how to wean yourself from sugar read book by David Gillespie “Sweet Poison”.

How would we be without any sweetness in our food? I bet there would be lots of unhappy souls without the sweet taste in our deserts. Don’t despair as there are some healthy options available to us and yes you guessed it they don’t include artificial sweeteners!

Among the sweeteners I use in my everyday life are lucuma, stevia and xylitol. Lucuma powder is the favorite, perfect for smoothies, cakes, ice-creams. Stevia is most probably the sweetest herb on this planet. You can now purchase it in all health food stores and good pharmacies. It comes in a form of drops or a powder, that you can use in your recipes or you can sweeten your favorite drinks with it read more about stevia. Xylitol has been used more and for longer then stevia, as a sweetener that can replace sugar and is also added into chewing gum, tooth pastes as it is tooth friendly and can prevent tooth decay. It is non toxic and safe to use by diabetes sufferers a read more information on xylitol.


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