• Toxic colon eye sclera image

    Eye sclera – toxic colon

    Eye sclera image indicating toxic colon.

  • Eye sclera indicates sugar fermentation

    Eye sclera – sugar fermentation

    Eye sclera image indicating sugar fermentation.

  • Eye sclera image indicating high blood pressure

    Eye sclera – high blood pressure

    Eye sclera image indicates high blood pressure.

  • Eye sclera and tissue show acidic inflammation

    Eye sclera – acidic inflammation

    Eye sclera with tissue showing clear acidic inflammation.


Eye sclera of a child Sclerology, so old and yet so unknown among so many of us. In today's age of alternative medicines it is surprising that this very old, non-invasive and proven alternative way of diagnosing is not used more by orthodox and alternative medical practitioners.

Toxic colon eye sclera image Try to ask around what is sclerology and in most cases you will get big question mark in the face. What is sclerology? There is a long tradition in many countries around the world in using sclera as a indicator to asses the state of health. We often comment on a person's dull or bright, crisp white color of the sclera. Basis to sclerology is that the sclera is the monitor of our health. The color of the white in the eyes and the markings appearing in different parts of sclera offer a reliable picture or representation of a person's general well-being or indication of ill health. The various signs, markings, shapes and colors in the sclera (white of the eyes) allow us to evaluate the current state of health as well as inherited tendencies and the sings can often present in sclera way before the symptoms arise or before blood test findings (up to 13 months in advance).

Sclerology and Iridology

Sclerology together with Iridology, the more known and used diagnostic tool among practitioners, belongs to eyology, the group of sciences that evaluate health by analyzing different markings and colors in and around the eyes. Iridology is also used as a diagnostic tool, but it gives us more of a indication on inherited tendencies to disease, which can help with the prevention, by following the right diet and lifestyle. It also gives us the type of a constitution, that indicates ability to recuperate from disease back to wellness as well as different levels of compromise in body's tissues.

Even though Sclerology and Iridology are closely related there are differences especially in what they actually disclose about current state of health, how well in advance you see the sings and what they show and don't show. For example iris doesn't show the presents of different micro-organisms and parasites, on the other hand sclera shows different parasite such as Rickettsiae and Somatids.

Eye sclera image indicating high blood pressure

There are things that neither sclera nor iris will show, example is pregnancy or the gender of the person of whom iris or sclera is analyzed.

Eye sclera image showing recent fever - line

The sclerology examination is not intrusive. It is somewhat very interesting as you are present while your sclera images are being analyzed and you can interact directly with your sclerologist. You may get your images printed or saved on a disc or your USB stick. You will also receive the suggested diet and supplements as well as recommendation for possible further tests.


QUINOA mother of all grains (Chenopodium quinoa)

Quinoa, the superstar “grain”, that’s not really a grain, but in fact a seed; jam packed with essential nutrients and in recent years rediscovered for its rare qualities and health benefits. Incas call it “CHISAYA MAMA”, or “MOTHER GRAIN”, as it has been a staple part of their diet for thousands of years and I am very grateful, that they share this wholesome food with us.

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CACAO (Theobroma cacao)

We all know cacao, eat it, crave it, indulge in it. Cacao, was considered to be Food of the Gods and valued so much that it served as a currency of ancient civilizations and source of endless energy of ancient warriors. On average US consume 11 lb 7 oz, or 16 kilograms in Australia, of chocolate per head, but how much we really know about cacao and its nutritional value and how do we know which chocolate is really good for us?

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Maca (Lepidium meyenii) Rockstar of Superfoods

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Lucuma (Pouteria lucuma) Humble Superfood from Peru

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Superfoods List and Fundamentals

What are super foods, why are they called super foods and what do they do for us? In the last few years more and more people are realizing that in order to stay healthy and energized they need to become responsible and take charge for their own health and well being. People from all walks of life are opening to natural healing, healthy alternatives, organic and live foods, herbs and of course are becoming more and more curious about the superfoods movement and its benefit.

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